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Thanks for stopping by! This is a page That has been added to show the strange phenomena many of us have photographed. I would like to take the opportunity to share them with you. This page depends on the contributions you make. I am not judging any of these pictures. I will never answer ;" Is that a ghost picture. I want to see other photographs of this Valley's paranormal activity. Email them to me with a short description of each photograph. So lets see how many Antelope Valley ghosts, apparitions, or any phenomena that has been captured by its present residents?




Photo taken by: Jessica Fawkes & Serena Trepanier


Name of Photo: Man on the Porch


Location: Wrigley Mansion aka Tournament House, Pasadena, CA

Date of event:


Description or Story: We were attending a fundraiser for a 911 float to be in the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade.  Realizing that this house has a lot of history, we decided to take a few photos as we walked around the outside of the house.  This photo was taken from the front lawn, looking at the front porch of the house.  There was nobody on the porch when we took the picture.  There was nobody who attended this event that looked like, or was dressed like the man that appeared in the photo.
Best regards,
Jessica F

DSCF1481_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

I took this picture when I was at church at Christmas time and a orb appeared

Picture taken by Barbara From Lancaster

untitled.jpg picture by gargoyle661

I think this is the best picture of orbs that I have. This was taken last week end with my grandaughter at the cemetary
Shellie in Lancaster
IMG_0003.jpg picture by gargoyle661
The K-swiss Ghost
I was testing my new apple i-phone and happen to photograph this picture.
Rudy-Lancaster, Ca
IMG_3841-1.jpg picture by gargoyle661
This photograph was taken at 6:30 to 7:0 am beetween the 14 fwy and the 405  while driving on the 5
I stuck my hand out trying to photograph the sunrise and caught this light anomoly.
Carlos- Lancaster, Ca.

queenmary.jpg picture by gargoyle661


Picture By Daniel= Antelope Valley, CA

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