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My experience with Ghost Adventures

Posted by gargoyle661 on November 22, 2009 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (2)

First of let me Thank all the tons of email I have received in the past 24 hours. It happened to be that I missed the show of Ghost Adventures due to work. I happen to cach the recording and found out I was on it, when I checked my email that morning. I happen to watch the clip bout 15 times. I enjoyed their company and their hospitality. It woke up with something new in my mind. I am planning to make my videos longer and show more of the locations we go to. Some locations are going to be more dificult to get too. I learned alot with my the opportunity to  meet with this group of individuals. We also met with other paranormal researchers. It was nice to talk about paranormal things with people that understood the terminology and the equipment being used in the market. We scientifically shared notes and techniques into the field of paranormal activity. Other show appearances are in the works. But, due to having a family , work , grand daughters, and other activitoes that are there too. I have to make time for this. So far my experience has been amazing with the media. What I thought was cool was how they mingled with us and made us feel at home . Even with the 16 hours of drag time that was on them at the time.they met us Devotion to an art is amazing.

Extreme Paranormal The TV show My thoughts

Posted by gargoyle661 on November 21, 2009 at 12:02 AM Comments comments (1)

I cannot believe this show! For those that have not seen it. You can catch it on  It repulses me that they would actually show something of this sort. This was a bad show to start with. The methods and evidence collected was useless. I hope that they never plan on making these shows. Most of the new Ghost Hunting community is young people. I do not agree that first of all you mess with witchcraft, while not having the knowledge of what you can release. One thing that my years of research has shown me as you do not need to be in a place that has paranormal activity to conjure up something. The job of the paranormal researcher, to me, is that we are looking for proof of paranormal activity in certain locations. While this is true that it can intensify the paranormal activity . But , you must also consider if you get something you will not have any control of. Second of all the new trend of acting out certain scenarios like burring someone. Turns me. Stunts like this is dangerous and should never be attempted. Meanwhile other new shows like Ghost Hunters Academy are what the new generation of ghost hunters needs. Even myself. I have taken many new lessons and knowledge  from other crews and GHA.. The evidence I have collected has always been collected in locations that we go with out no knowledge or sometimes no history of it. We set up equipment and record as much abnormal activity as we can . We never intensify or alter any environment. We never go on feeling. We are there for one thing collect Data and analyze it back at home. To me this has always been my way . I started when I was 14 yeas old and developed my skills through out the years. At 40 years old I am still learning new techniques and wishing for more equipment.  In my years it has surprised me that at one time when I was the weird one everyone is doing. TV influences the large population. We tune in and look for videos all across the Internet and want to go on our own adventures. Sometimes forgetting the structures stability . I hope nobofy gets any knowledge from this show and uses it as a what not to do lesson.

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