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With the popularity of paranormal television. there are many forms of Ghost Hunting. What is your favorite show, and why?


My favorite show is Ghost Adventures. The reason I enjoy this show is because they are more of a Urban Ghost Hunting Team. Like myself, I love that they try other equipment and test new technology.


Another show is Destination Truth. When it comes to paranormal activity, the best evidence is the one that is captured in ready-made available equipment. They always produce and analyze their eveidence in a scientific manner .

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My favorite show constantly changes with the TV Seasons.  My favorite right now is Celebrity Ghost Stories on the  BIO Channel.  I like it because the stories seem to have an honesty and genuineness about them.  I know they are,  in most cases, actors, but their openess and vulnerability is palpable.  It does not seem to be an act. 



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