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A short History on my artwork. :

I have always had a passion for art. But as always it was a hobby only. I have my day job and mess around with my toys at night. As we all know Economy has hit us hard. So it hit me too. I am in the sales field and have had a sudden impact in sales where it has left me penniless and going on this adventure. I have to put my life on still and try to start something new. A business, which I have no idea of pursuing. But this will not stop me. I have checked the prices of other businesses and was astonished at how much they charge. I am not doing this to be rich but as a form of necessity for my family. I want to eat! If you come across this page please pass it on . Do you know of someone else that has a small business and need some art work? Let them know about me. Please!

 Serving the Los Angeles County, Antelope Valley , Mojave, Rosamond, California City Santa Clarita and all their vicinities. A small traveling fee may be applied. Gas expenses. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Below are a few prices and they are all moderate.

Air Brushing Prices...

Back Windows (Letters) 

One color $80.00

Each additional color $10.00

Note this is up to 2 lines only.

Hood Art/Tail Gate Art

$600.00 *Raw*

I draw the piece and turn it over to you. No final sanding or Clear. It is your responsibility. I simply put the artwork on. This one is great if you're painting the car and have not added your finishing coats on it.

$700.00 *Fine*

I sand it and add a simple can Lacquer clear coat. This is the most popular one. You can still feel some bumps but it looks sharp, and seems to last also . So far my personal car has had it for 1 1/2 year and shows No peeling. Although I do not wax the area the image is on and I use a damp cloth to clean it and to preserve it. If you want a cool piece of artwork on your car. But cannot afford one this is the one for you.

$Coming Soon .00 *Excellent*

 This is turned in sanded, clear coated, and baby, glass smooth. It is placed under layers of clear coat . Which would involve putting clear on the whole piece.  The clear job is Sublet-ed to another.  

Part Removal


 If you remove it and install it SAVE $100.00 off your price

 Large Pieces take approximately 2 weeks maximum to airbrush. No charge for local pick up and delivery. Artwork is interpreted by the Artist interpretation. 50% Non- refundable Deposit on all work required. All work comes with a 3 month warranty from Natural Defects.  Warranty is voided if artwork was abused   

Coming Soon Also Tattoo Work......

GEDC0073.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This piece was for a Mustang under construction

GEDC0072.jpg picture by gargoyle661

GEDC0038.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This one of the Members Vehicles.  As you could tell he is a Chucky Fanatic.

A piece like this comes in 3 prices which I am working on.

GEDC0087.jpg picture by gargoyle661

GEDC0089.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This is another piece I am working on.. This also is another members truck. He wanted something Wicked, Some I went with this .

GEDC0033.jpg picture by gargoyle661

GEDC0167.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This is another vehicle I own. I have many different styles of letter. Currently I am doing a Furniture Truck Logo on the window. 

Other Ideas are... La familia "" . Names, Rip Tributes,  Large Sports Logos, Religious, Business, Love, Clubs, Emblems  Email artwork for prices.

GEDC0034.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This is on my personal car. I went with white letters with a skull shadow insert.

GEDC0035.jpg picture by gargoyle661

Different style writing on the rear light.

GEDC0036.jpg picture by gargoyle661

Rear lower bumper

More art examples coming soon

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