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Exploring The Unknown in the High Desert Of California

Welcome to my Website. I have built this Site from the Antelope Valley for the Antelope Valley.

I investigate strange phenomenon, myths, and mysteries in the high desert which is north of Los Angeles, California.

        I am located in the city of Lancaster in the heart of the Antelope Valley on the South edge of the Mojave Desert.

         While most people think of the desert as nothing but sand and sage brush, we actually have many different micro-climates here.  We have the Angeles National Forest to the south, the beautiful Elizabeth Lake to the west with its wooded mountain foothills, the Tehachapi Mountains to the north, and of course the incredible beauty of the great Mojave Desert. 

Mysteries and legends abound.

  There are stories of  haunted ruins, underground bases, Sasquatch, U.F.O.s , lost mines and treasures. And don't forget the Native American sites. Add to that, abandoned airfields, extraterrestrials, bandits, ghosts and lake monsters and you have the makings for a good time.

   We have had some amazing adventures. These adventures sometimes take us down sandy washboard roads into the heart of the desert, or maybe hiking into the forest. My study of the unknown and unexplained has helped me to better understand this strange and beautiful land.

I have always had an interest in the unknown, old and strange. My interests have always set me apart from the rest.  Given my interest in the paranormal, and living in the Antelope Valley has given me the opportunity to research all the stories and legends I have heard.  Plus, I always enjoy documenting the incredible wildlife. I have studied ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists, and legends and more since I was 15 years old.  I try to gather and record evidence and help find logical answers before coming to any conclusion. I also do not use not psychics, mediums, or sensitives. I do not use Ouija boards, divining rods or crystals either.  I prefer to call myself a "skeptical believer"  looking for a realistic answer and physical evidence of these strange experiences.  

 I will never claim to be a psychic or anything of that sort. I have been interested in subjects of unknown and the strange since a very young age. I have always carried my cameras and video recorders to record in locations that have been forgotten in the past. The older it is the more that it intrigues me. I have been chasing ghosts for over 26 years. More than the most part of my life.I have been going to places that are claimed to be haunted or just to explore something from the past.  I have an extent knowledge in having researched many subjects of the unknown. Specially the subjects of ghosts and the supernatural.  I don't use ITC also know as "The Frank's Box or 'ghost box'. I find this tool to be a waste of my time. I am an old style hunter. I only go after actual viewable or audible evidence. I don't believe in orbs neither. I want either to hear or see what I have capture. I fund all my expeditions with the help of some friends and family. But mostly they come from out of my pocket. I also use assistants and people that I click good with and help me gather real evidence and some teach me along the way. I am also a tech lover. I love collecting  electronic equipment to help me out were I am searching and exploring. I have a love for reptiles and the desert fauna also. Including the plant life. This plus the respect that I have for nature and archeological sites has allowed me to meet interesting famous people and has also opened doors to some amazing places.
          Do I believe in U.F.O.s? I can answer this with another question; If life lives in the depths of the ocean, what makes me think that life stops at the ozone layer? Our species is a young one also. While other mammals have lived for a long time more than we have been around. Take the alligator for example.   
Do I believe in Big Foot or the Chupacabra's? As we spread more into the hills and move ourselves into what was once empty and unknown. While a new form of real hunter arise from among us. We find that every year many new species of animals are being discovered. Maybe what we are seeing are new animals that have not been classified yet. Big Foot for example, we have much evidence from plenty of investigations and researches having been conducted. Their is DNA, hair,fingerprints from casts and who knows what the future will bring us. 
I have been logging my strange quests on camera and posting them here for all you to enjoy. I don't ask much just tell your friends about us and if you would ever like to join me on a quest it is simple Love the desert.  

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