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As you all know, for the few who actually read my pages, I have been interested in the paranormal since a young age. I was brought here not by choice but by my experience. They created what I call a monster. Looking for answers. In my quest for the paranormal I have come across many people from different walks of life. That have also come with me on my quests. 

   I get many email from different people. I always read every piece of email personally. I have very little time to respond to it all but I try . Plus I always meet different people in my everyday life. I happen to meet a nice lady from the AV Press Which happen to come to our store. As always I took the advantage and told her who we were and the amazing stories I have come across. She proceeded to tell her Magazine reporter about us.

  Now as some of you do not know . In our city we have our own newspaper. It is not a small one. it is our knowledge for anything that is A.V.  From jobs to daily news ,  it is the newspaper of our city.

  Back to our encounter. We happen to meet the reporter and her crew at one of our favorite locations. Grande Hall or Grange Hall as some call it. I had met them after dark. I took them to a couple of locations and had a blast with them. I tried to explain our purpose and passion for what we do and why we do what we do. Make sense? I Took them to a different location also. I took them to the place I call carries house. It is a secret location. e have caught a couple of evps and some strange mists. I noticed her taking notes and out of the whole evening  I remembered one question. Do we investigate in summer? I proceeded to answer NO. I told her we never investigate in spring and summer due to many reasons from Nature taking its course to the harsh environment that is present and will not spare anybody. enclosed are picture of our encounter please visit them.


GEDC0188.jpg picture by paranormal661

GEDC0188_edited.jpg picture by paranormal661

GEDC0245_edited.jpg picture by paranormal661

GEDC0260.jpg picture by paranormal661

GEDC0295.jpg picture by paranormal661


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