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If you were acidentaly entered to  page 2 hitting this picture will send you to the Main Page with more EVP's

I went to my oldest daughter (Christina) house. she had complained to me about her garage.So i decided to go and investigate it for her , Knowing her, I knew I was just there to calm her down and tell her the noices and feeling was all in her head. But boy was i wrong!I started by asking her husband to turn the lights off and got an answert "awsome"

This one sounds like my daughters name "Athena"

Funny how he keeps a messy garage and i get "clean up the floor"

This one says "Angel look out"

This one i cant understand .Im still trying to figure it out.Any comments add them to my sign guest area

 this one sounds to me like "I need a coin"


Lady and child talking

Barbara insists it says An-tho-ny.but i dont know?

After i got the 'awesome I asked it the usual question and it sounds like:" not me!

You will always get the single and double words this one says 'pick up

says 'what!

This one was the most freekiest one of all!!I ll let you be the Judge !!

I will post more as i get more thanks for your  support. Please tell your friends and sign my guest book .

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