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We arrived at the structure after 9 pm. The night was cool, a typical desert night for this time of the year. The temperature was at 39 degrees and their was no wind.

 The place was recently abandoned and we know this from the yearly visits we do to the area. Observing the rare reptiles that live here. I should mention that herpetology is also another hobby of mine.,I was amazed at how fast the place was deteriorating. What vandals had not destroyed .  The desert started to consume into the sands.

 The church is of Catholic origin. There is no record of the date of its construction. The main praying hall had a wall divided in the center. With a doorway at the end. This is were we put our parabolic ear.So to record both rooms covering the whole inner structure. We captured footprints running from one hall to the other and other Evp's. The outside had a few other structures scattered on the land. 2 small houses, a couple of unattached restrooms, a water holding pool, a pond and a outside altar with a small fallen over hang.. 

 This was a different type of investigation we conducted. We are trying a new piece of equipment we have been modifying . In order to record in infrared in the field. It needed some more lighting in order to capture what I needed Even though we had no personal experiences. We captures some amazing evp's

  The only strange thing I can recall is the amount of batteries we went through. Some batteries only lasting 5 minutes or less! The new piece of camera took the most damage. Using up nine batteries in one night! We did not seem to capture anything in our cameras or other equipment. But, as I said before we got some strange Evp's. We also captured a Evp on video, digital recorder ad we heard it too.

 We spend a few hours here but we knew we had a second place to visit that night..... 




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