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Take Highway 178 East 1 hour from Bakersfield or Hwy 178 West 1 hour from Ridgecrest and take the Bodfish/Havilah (another Ghost Town) exit. Go right to 3829 Lake Isabella Blvd.

Antelope Valley Haunts Investigation with a Techno beat to it

         We were invited to investigate Corlew's Silver City Ghost Town.  Let me start by saying what a beautiful place it is. At first when you think Ghost Town you think tumble weeds and desert.  But that is far from what you will find at Silver City.  Nestled in the hills above Lake Isabella lies a beautiful town whose residents are not of this world. Two teams were allowed to spend the night, the "Sensitives of Lake Isabella Paranormal Research" (a local group) and "The Skeptics".  That would be us. We were greeted by our friends with open arms . We arrived at their residence at 5PM.  The investigation would not begin until after 9PM.  LIPS (Lake Isabella Paranormal Society) took great care of us and made us feel at home. We were well fed. Their hospitality was unbelievable. We felt comfortable and at home with our new friends.  Not only did I find out they are friendly in that part of the woods, but the views and the lakes are like being in heaven. We talked for hours until it was time to go on the investigation.

                                                          The Investigation

    We arrived at the location at about 9 pm.  We had been told no matter what we would get a good picture that night. Many tourists and visitors had mentioned objects moving and strange feelings.  We took that, like many places we had been too, with a grain of salt. We were greeted by our host Mr. Cowell.  He gave us a brief history of the place and let  us know that the buildings had been brought from the mining camps of Keyesville, Whiskey Flat, Old Isabella, Claraville, Hot Springs, Kernvale, Miracle and Southfork. Many of the structures lay empty and some have large displays filled with lots of memorabilia from the 1800's. We would have a rare opportunity to film inside one of these off limit places. We set up a night shot security cam and a digital recorder in this location. We decided to take a couple of group photos to commemorate our stay. What amazed me is that both photos would end up in the evidence file. Along with lots of other photos we took that night. The evidence gathered here surpasses all other investigations to this point. 

 If you have read my articles you will understand that I NEVER claim a place is haunted.  THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED. If you are a ghost hunter, this is the place you want to be. I found out that one of my theories is correct.  A ghost can leech on to an object or structure. This place has an incredible amount of paranormal activity. We captured everything from EVPs to photographic evidence. All in just one night.

I would like to take the time to THANK the Corlew's for allowing us to stay and investigate, LIPS for feeding us and including us in this rarely allowed overnight visit. And being a part of  Antelope Valley Haunts history.


THE GROUP PHOTO THAT BECAME EVIDENCE:IMG_2555.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2555_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This is the picture we took of the group.  Not all the members were present. Some were walking around. NO, that is not a picture on the wall. We took 2 pictures within 10 seconds, in case the first one did not come out due to blinking or movement. As you can see in the next picture it moved in closer for the pic.

IMG_2556.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2556_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

next picture

HPIM1075.jpg picture by gargoyle661HPIM1076.jpg picture by gargoyle661HPIM1076_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661HPIM1076_edited-1.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This picture shows a light anomaly that seems to vanish as a second shot is taken. There is also what seems to be a faint apparition kneeling in front of the tree trunk.

next picture

IMG_2462.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2462_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

Now come on, this is not dust!

IMG_2464.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2464_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

IMG_5215.jpg picture by gargoyle661   IMG_5215_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661      HPIM1102_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661


The orb activity was amazing in its self.  Some were in amazing colors.

IMG_2549.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2549_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

If you look at the edited photo on the right, above the pink, you can see what appears to be a face looking at you. Is it morphing? Who knows. The evidence we have just touched on is only the beginning of this album.

IMG_5225.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_5225_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

I do not recall any black mannequins or anyone wearing a black hat! If you look closely you can actually see the white of his eye!


IMG_2436.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2436_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2436_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

It seemed that different things appeared on our pictures. I have taken thousands of pictures and this is the first time I am speechless.

IMG_2444.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2444_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

If you notice, the mannequin is different than the shadow.  For a start, the rule of perspective is that the farther the object, the smaller it appears. This shadow seems to be taller than the one from the mannequin . Also if you notice the rim of the hats they are different the shadow seems to curve and be facing in a different  direction.

 IMG_2449.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2449_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2449_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

Is this someone looking at us?

IMG_2463.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2463_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2463_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This is one of my favorite pictures it reminds me of a hand reaching out. It also appears to be illuminating the leaves around it.

IMG_2473.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2473_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2473_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

Many pictures had some strange anomalies on them.

IMG_2547.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2547_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2547_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

It appears to be someone walking in to the dry goods.

IMG_2580.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2580_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_2580_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

In this pic, one of the members had the sensation of being shot.  Immediately, a picture was taken.  It seems someone was looking out. Was this the individual he was sensing?

IMG_5266.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_5266_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

There seemed to be shadows everywhere. Is this someone peeking out the window?


IMG_5268.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_5268_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_5268_edited_edited-1.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_5268_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

No matter how many different times I look at this picture, and no matter what filter I use, I can't explain this one.  This is one of my favorite pictures. It seems to me to be a cowboy on a horse!?!



IMG_5199.jpg picture by gargoyle661IMG_5199_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

I would say maybe morphing . But what confuses me is that the door seems to be open. The reason I am showing you this picture is to notice that there is nothing present . We snapped this picture when the investigator claimed of a cold spot. The next picture was captured at the same instant this one was.

HPIM1169.jpg picture by gargoyle661HPIM1169_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661HPIM1169_edited_edited-1.jpg picture by gargoyle661HPIM1169_edited_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

The picture that will cause much controversy. But the beauty of this picture is that we have 3 shots from different angles. Above is the one. Second the height and angle of the camera makes it hard to be some one's reflection. Also the face and shape seems to be that of a young girl. The other side is an empty  room.

These were the pictures we took that evening. Be sure to listen to the EVPs we collected that night.

When it came to the EVPs, we had some that we could not understand and some that made no sense.

  Does this say action?

  Is this something saying awake?

  Is this neeed me

  Something about the past life?

  Is this why?

  Thanks to Shanon Laughton. This one says "Get out of my house"

 This upset me a little, it sounds like KKK.


When it came to video evidence, we only caught some simple activity on the first clip.  You can see it in the middle. Something seems to appear and disappear.

My thoughts on this place is that it does seem to have paranormal activity ranging from intelligent to residual. Some of the pictures are unexplainable . I highly recommend this place to any researcher. These places are rare and are disappearing from the desert. I cannot say what caused these pictures to come out different than all the other ones. Or the strange experiences we all felt. The place is open for the public in the day time. You can find all the information on the main page.

There are no entrance fees, but please make a donation if you can. All the money donated goes to keeping this amazing place for our children.

I once again would like to thank my new friends for extending their hand in friendship and greeting us with such warmth. We had a great time, even though we had to spend the night in a cramped truck.  Check supplies and gas early in the day. The gas stations and stores close early out here. 

Also a huge thank you to The Corlew's for this rare opportunity and the amazing hospitality we received.

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