Antelope Valley Haunts Rural Paranormal Research

Exploring The Unknown in the High Desert Of California

    We spent Valentines Day searching the desert for more of its past. We came across a few structures scattered across the Antelope Valley floor. We will be researching each one at a time in the near future. This one in particular will be called 'Dead Ends Farm'.

       First thing we do, when we come across a location, is check out how old or who it belongs too. We found the lot interesting and strange .

     Upon our arrival we got the creepy feeling of abandonment. We searched all the rooms for lost or forgotten treasures. We could tell that the place belonged to the same owner, by finding old 1950's mail and current hospital mail.We were able to do some comparison. We think they must of past away there. Also, a strange occurrence pushes me to investigate for poltergeist activity. Upon our first initial arrival inspection . We had a door slam into one of us and this in the daytime. another example is we found a closet and the basement darker than the normal darkness surrounding the other locations. 

These are some of the objects we found in the place.




The Investigation

                   The night was a cold one. Not your typical windy desert night, but a quiet, chilly one. It was the day after Valentine's when we arrived around 8:30 pm. The place was Erie and deserted with large dead oak trees littering the old house, which was constructed in 1933. It consisted of a  simple 2 bedroom, with a living room, basement and bathroom.Plus the typical long farm in the rear, which also seemed to be converted into a dwelling, at one times past.

        Upon our entrance into the home we felt the chill of a different nature. One not of this world. 

               One of my main assistants would notice an apparition, darting from one window to another window. I myself noticed also a dark shadow crossing from one end of a doorway to the other end. We seemed to take some strange pictures at the location we could not explain.

          Some of our other experiences included a light shinning from the top of the attic window. while we stood in the rear of the house observing it, we noticed a large shadow just standing there. Looking at us back. Blocking occasionally the light, that originally caught our attention. The light and the shadow had no explanation. But yet more than one of us noticed both at the same time. 

          In the farm one of our guests noticed another shadow standing in the doorway. Many of these sightings were observed by more than 2 people at a time. On another occasion, upon leaving the farm area, heading back towards the front house. We hear footsteps and shuffling with in the house. At that precise moment, Mo and myself, ran after the noise heading from the back door to the main living room. Trying to catch what ever we were hearing. We found nothing there upon our arrival. We found ourselves running after something on a few occasions during the night. On one of our E.V.P. sessions. We even got a response to one of our questions. We loved the old house and its strange experiences. From the day we found it . I knew there was something different about that property. We also found many skulls littering the area (some now decorating my office and terrariums). What was it that was following us and at times us chasing it! Could it have been someone that passed away there? Or was it one of the many animals that had perished on the property.

             Upon careful observation we noticed many prescription bottles littering the area from heart medication to diabetes . Also the dates seemed to point to an elderly person.We will never know what is causing these strange occurrences . But it scores high on one of our paranormal hot spots. Because of the amount of experiences, we will keep this one a secret also.Sorry!

   As always the pictures, evidence, videos are down below.

E.V.P.'s Gathered

We seemed to capture some Voice Phenomena. 

 This one sounds like it says couch

 This one sounds like damn you


Help Me? Who!

 A faint laugh

 This is my favorite piece in the night . Notice the answer back.

 Mono what?

 Oh what a wicked laugh

 What is this strange one?


Under Construction..

Pictures of our Interest

IMG_4564.jpg picture by gargoyle661

Strange mist floating in room. Black part is camera opening closed half way. Below is the same picture. With out the mist , taken seconds after.

IMG_4566.jpg picture by gargoyle661

In this next pic we notice a mist once again. Is this something materializing?

IMG_4576.jpg picture by gargoyle661

Same picture lightened up.

IMG_4576_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

The strange mist seemed to follow us.

IMG_4610_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This was another Pic. This mist only appeared on a few pictures. I have never photograph anything like this before.

IMG_4477_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661


IMG_4493_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661


This picture was snapped as a investigator was noticing something peering out the door. You can faintly see a outline   of a person peeking out and standing in the doorway.

IMG_4521_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

The mist once again. Appearing in over 200 pictures we took that night.

IMG_4518_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

an orb floating around

IMG_4479_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

It appears to be a old man , standing at the window . Reminds me of Fred Mertz from the I love Lucy Show

IMG_4476_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661 

An angel in between the tree?

IMG_4417_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661


A beauty of an Orb

IMG_4419_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

This picture was taken seconds after. Is this the same Orb in the corner?

Below are some slide shows of the Investigation


Pictures of Investigation




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