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The Case

We arrived at the place at 8:42 Pm on 10-24-08. There was no moon out that night and the feeling through out the night would be peacefull. But, I would come out with 2 seconds of video that left me speechless!! .

    First of all this place was located by my new recruits, which consist of my daughter Malinda and 2 new female members. The new members are  named  Kelsi and Trina. They have taken my research seriously and have followed all protocol so far. As I always have said we are a collect and document team. This place is a new and fantastic  find.

According to Mo, after searching through corners and trash, this place has been vacant for less than 2 years.  If you remove the damage this place has started to take, it makes you wonder why this place became empty? The windows are still up made with the roll up type, that have weights on, classic, and the place has a large enclosed swimming pool. A skatters dream.

        When we arrived there . The temperature was a constant  54 degrees to 65 degrees. . We were amased by the size of the property. It was composed by 9 structures, an office a farm and some homes with  a  swimming pool also. We looked at it, like a community.  My self knowing the ranch lifestyle from the numorous places that I have visited out here, knew the style of living required in the surrounding enviroment. Carefull study showed us that the main structure had the basement cracked. Also there was a crack under the house in the earth floor. Could this be part of the reason why it was abandoned? The homes seemed to be composed of about 4 rooms each, not including the main rooms , kitchen living room , ect....... They also had a amazing find, a basement and an attic!!!

    We explored all the rooms with out no hits on our EMF detector or digital recorders.

Acording to the Assessors  File the house was constructed in 1933 . Construction would continue until 1965. The house has been kept in great shape for over  75 years. During our research we found an old bible that did not make sence , something I have not come accross. Also in our find was a Vietnam War era  canteen . the pouch was in exellent condition . but the canister had some damage to it.

      I have loaded into slides all the pictures we took that night . Also I might add that the following short clip is from our exploration that night. I have recorded for a number of years with this same recorder. After carefull analizing this clip and looking for anything that can give off such white bright light. I have come to the conclusion that this is an unknown presence. You can see the person as it is walking . When the camera passes the door. Right before it clears the screen area. You can see it starts to disapper from the top to the bottom. I can honestly say that I have never taped or seen anything like this before on any of my tapes.



Antelope Valley Haunts Abandonded Farm Ghost Hunt

The Apparition

The apparition shows itself after the camera passes the door. From  recording many videos I have never video taped anyone with such a bright light. You can also see it disapeer from the top to the bottom. Antelope Valley Has many ghost. Is this one of them?


This is the same video lightend and slowed down . I still cant explain it.





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