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 Recording Electronic Voice Phenomenon (E.V.P.) is one of my favorite things to do.  Like Christmas morning, it's always a surprise.

    I believe this one says "An-tho-ny ".  My son's name. Spooky!  No one was around. 

I have always wondered if E.V.P.s are from another dimension.  They are never the same, always different.  They are either communicating with the living, or with each other.  If we can hear them, can they hear us?

  In this one you will hear a female voice humming and singing .  I still can't figure out what she is saying. If you have an idea, let me know.

  This one says "Come".

  This one scared my family when I found it. It sounds like it says" death bring a song".


    This one says "get out".


    My wife did not believe me this time.  So I told her what I tell everyone, "Try it yourself and you be the judge".

You will hear her saying "hello" then towards the end she receives an answer, "what you want?".  Needless to say, she is now a believer!

  This is one of  my personal favorites, you hear in the background what sounds like a children playing.  To me, it sounds like a someone saying "here I am " followed by a  child giggling. I guess ghosts like playing Hide-n-Seek too.

  I decided to put a tape recorder in the same spot where I recorded the child and left it there for about 10 minutes.  In the middle of the recording I hear a thump and giggling . I named him (or her) Casper.

  This one sounds like "I forgive".

  This one says "Montana".

  This one says "Watch out for it".

  My son insists it says "f%$#k that". I hear "forget that".  What do you think?

  This one says "Wipe out". 

  This one says "Yeah it hurts".


These are a few of my favorite E.V.Ps. eventually, I hope to post them all, adding new ones along the way.


The following E.V.P. is faint, so listen carefully.

  This one sounds like a lady talking.  I can't make out what she is saying. What do you hear? 

As I have mentioned before, you need a good editing program and a good set of earphones.

Wave Pad is a free shareware program and easy to use.

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