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Eugene Garlock established a stamp mill here in 1896 to crush gold ore from the Yellow Aster Mine on Rand Mountain (known originally as Cow Wells). Garlock prospered for two years until water was pumped from here to Randsburg in 1898. Today it is a ghost town. acording to the kern county history meuseum.

We happen to take a trip out there to check out our new place to do our next investigation . Rummor also has it that the ghost of Burro Schmidt is still haunting his old cabins remains. To believe that this piece of the desert held a Town. All that is left is a few cabins at once this one particular building looked like this.

garlock3a.jpg picture by gargoyle661

this is the same building now.

IMG_2403.jpg image by gargoyle661

It makes me sad how these building which are a mian part of our history detiriorate and what the weather does not do, vandals finish off.

We did not happen to venture inward due to the type of vehicle we had. Also we want too spend the night in this town. As you can tell there are only a few buildings left and who knows what the Last Chance Canyon has to offer. Know the last chance canyon is this place right here


There are numorous mines present. This is one of those places that are dangerous at night time. Dolores is also home to the shmidt tummel which is what the town is mainly known for.

This is the entrance to the tunnel. This particular tunnel believe it or not goes through the entire mountain

The other end leads you to here.

The view to this amazing place is unbalivable. Also another thing you have to watch for is lost treasures. There is rummored to be a cave that Schmidt hid large crystal chandaliers in one of the caves. He would hang them from the ceiling in the caves. To this day this cave has never been found. Curently we are in the process of getting in touch with the Kern County Meuseum and the caretakers of this place to Photograph it at night time and in the dusk.Below are a few pictures of the place that time forgot.

IMG_2410.jpg picture by gargoyle661





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