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I have always wanted to meet the Great Ghost Adventures.. What I would call Urban Researchers. I finally got to meet them. For those of you  that know me, you know I am a talkative person. My  personality comes naturally.

            I was nervous the night before . I had only  slept for 2 hours. I did not know what I was up too . I had received a phone call from New York. They needed me to do something for them.  I was given a meeting place and was given instructions. Personally I was exited. Out of 300 crews plus, we were asked for our opinion. All my hard work has added to this day. What started as a hobby has ended up into this moment. At this time I had no idea who I was going to meet. I figured I would be showed some videos and asked my opinion. The day of the trip I was nervous. I had No idea what was in store for me. My Boss from my day job had my support. I took my son and son-in-law on my road trip. I had arrived to the location in Hollywood. I stepped in the location and ended meeting two amazing groups.. One group is Harbor Area Paranormal and  Planet paranormal. We exchanged our thoughts and knowledge as if we knew each other for years. our thoughts and ideas were appreciated by our piers.. It was at this moment that we learned that would meet the actual crew. Personally I got nervous. When they walked in . It felt as if Giants walked in . I felt short at their presence. Their knowledge and courage was running through my mind. the moment had come they had stepped in the room. But, my personality got the better of my feelings. I opened my mouth. I wondered how they would be under the light. Meeting people across the country. Believe it or not. Even though they are the most popular crew in the Travel Channel they were Gentlemen. They were friendly and made you feel as one of them. There personality let you know that the lights had not changed them. Their interest in the paranormal was authentic and they showed interest in new ideas and philosophy. I was Honored and privileged to meet the ones I only knew as the Ghost Adventures Crew.  I Noticed each ones personality. Zack as a leader alway took the lead. Even though he took the time to spend time with you . He took the charge as too how to make everything tune in just right. Zack even though he is quiet he joined the talk and showed his charming quiet side. Making sure that all the strings are tied and all is tuned just right. Knoe Aaaron I took to him. He has a friendly down to earth attitude that  just clicked. Meeting him made that last piece insode of you that says im out of place. NOt be there! He can have a conversation about just anything. It is no wonder whyt He clicks in with the crew.  I ended making new friends and meeting the Ones I watch every night at 8 pm on the Travel Channel. Below are pictures captured from a Personal Video we took. I am exited to bring you these pictures too enjoy.

gacandmase.jpg picture by gargoyle661

gacandmase10.jpg picture by gargoyle661

gacandmase11.jpg picture by gargoyle661


gacandmase13.jpg picture by gargoyle661

gacandmase14.jpg picture by gargoyle661

gacandmase3.jpg picture by gargoyle661

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