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We went and revisited Grande Hall 664. Since our last visit nothing had changed . Same junk everywhere. We ended up here again after visiting some places in the town of High Vista..The town did not offer any exitement after 2 hours , being out in the field we needed some exitiment . Earlier we had gotten chased by some wild dogs and we did not enjoy the feeling. talk about "DUDE RUN!!" I do ghosts and mostly anything out there but when you talk about a pack of wild dogs . Hmmm i dont think so .Well by this point it was getting late it seemed it was abou t11 pm and we were miles from my home. So we decided to go back. But that meant we would have to be passing Grande hall again . Now that we knew what the place was we looked at the old building with a different look. My curiosity of what was in that spot made me make that extra turn. we arrived at the location about 11:30 P.M. I also took into considertion of the small power plant . But by the looks of it it seems to be quite a distance away.So this rulked out the EMF detector going off. Also once again it seemed to have a mind of  its own. It would take us into circles and always around the same area . What know we know to be the under kitchen . Of course the place only has the columns .But in the dark it does not need much imagination to figure how this place looked like before the fire. One strange new experience is we actually were able to put our hand into what seemed to be a ball or mas of energy. with out telling no one . we made our analysis at the end of the investigation. We all seemed to get the feeling of when your hand goes to sleep.Nothing different about this feeling . This is how I would discribe it, my hand asleep, the tingling sensation that you get right before it falls completely asleep.But the strange thing was when you pulled it out.The sensation was gone . Just a numming feeling and a small crampped pain on our wrist and hand that followed us that night.We happened to collect some more evp's and I am still analizing the evidence collected that night. following are the pictures and evp's we collected that night....... 

 As you recall the last time i asked it to manifest itself. After answering my question the first time I decided to ask it a continous question and asked it why it could not . Too my amasement it answered me because!

This is the because edited.

We seemed to get some weird noises threw out the night.

Some we happen to hear .

Always on our toes hearing this night noises we could not understand

Some escaping our ears and noticing only after we reviewed our tapes.

Some evp's were not audible I would classify these as a C

Another unadible EVP

and another unadible one

some EVP's seemed to be half way there . This one sounds like "It's your power"

sounds like "Im hungry"

sounds like "handle straight"

this one caught my attention it seems to say first part . Something about a nephew and the second partsays "watch it boy"

On this one you can hear one of my assistants and on top of his voice is a whisper evp that says"behind your preacher"

this sounds like "come on get up "

now me and my wife argue aboiu this one i hear "Im destroying" What do you think...

These are the EVP"S we have collected so far next are the pictures check them out below..... Oh yeah i caught this... what do you think?





















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