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Hangman's House

Conducted : July 22,2007

    Hangman' s house was visited, It was actually located in Avenue I and about 96th street east. The place looks far more worn down, than the picture taken in the day .We arrived at about 9 pm .Getting to the place was easy to access .the outer buildings are all run down, everything is fenced off. It seems to be ready for demolishing soon . The house which consists of about 4 to 5 bedrooms is burned down. Additional rooms was a small cellar and a secret looking like closet room in back of the fireplace. The feeling that Mo (New Investigator ) and myself felt was calm we had no feeling of a presence or the feeling of being followed. We constantly had to watch our step . The air was calm at times but still kept a temperature of 77 to 81 degrees .Even though we had the feeling of calmness we happen to collect some EVP's and some nice pictures. It personally makes me sad to see old houses that made this valley being destroyed for the way of new homes . The outer buildings were of animal barns seems like a horse stall and small animal quarters .The weirdest part of the investigation was a find by Mo. We were in what would be the Master Bedroom when he happen to signal for my attention to a Bible on the floor. I was startled! The Bible was sitting in the floor inside a burned down house completely gutted but the weird part that freaked me out was the Bible showed no dust/dirt and only the outer edges were burned. The Bible laid open in the book of Psalms chapter 101. We left the bible in the position it was in . If it made it through the fire it was respected and left in its position I have been to a lot of burned homes in the desert and this is the first time I seen a book in this condition Enclosed are the pictures of the investigation and the EVP's. Due to being short handed we had to cut the investigation short managing up to 3 pieces of equipment seemed hard at times. As soon as I finish training one I we will train a new one. All equipment including a EMF detector proved to function with out no trouble. Whether i would say personally if this place is haunted ?I honestly would have to have to say that even though we collected some disembodied voices I cannot actually call it haunted. Meaning I personally did not get that feeling or an apparition. Like i said before enclosed are the actual pictures from the investigation . If you actually happen to see some thing please post your find in my comment box or edit the picture and email it to me and i will post your find .Enjoy!

  This one sounds like "don't let this creep in here "

This one came after the first one which followed by a deep breath

 We  got a few EVP's that were not audible .What do you think they say?

 This one was caught outside the sudden wind made this one hard to make out .

This one was collected in one of the rooms during the investigation.

We seemed to caught one that says "nah'

This one sounds like push

This by far is another one of my favorites. Even though we cannot understand it. We caught it at the same time our dv recorder was playing.So not only did we catch it in our digital recorder but also on our camcorder .Amazing!

 We might be wrong on what this one says but it sounds like Go get your client .What do you think? Post your comment in the comment box T.Y.

When it came to EVP's these are the ones we have collected. The recordings will be analyzed again. Any new findings will be posted here . 


Check out the picture slide show below of the Investigation.......Enjoy!








This house that was located in the North West part of the Antelope Valley Has been demolished . Makes me wonder if the Ghost that might of stayed behind will leech on to the property. There are many stories of this place and Ghost Hunters have been intriged with it. Will the new residents feel anything. Hmmmm

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