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We receive lots of mail from readers telling us of their place and how unconfortable it is.We only respond to the most serious ones

 This was one of those cases that required our attention. We arrived at the clients house at the usual time around 9 pm. It was a beautiful house nesttled in the hills. As we took a tour of the place and we heard all of the clients claims . You could not stop to gaise at the beautiful view and workmanship that was done to this place. The client was hospitable and kind. I observed a normal family. The clients had showed me how the place was before and what they did to it . It is amazing when you fall in love with a place or object and your love for it shows. All of the place had been redone.

 To me this seemed to be one of the main problems that started to make this place uncofortable. Fixing it up. The history of this place past tennants was horible from Ouija boards being played, drug addictions, death and burrial of numorous animals on the property to being used as a animal shelter for a private breeder. As I noticed the old pictures of the old house, how it stood before and how the current tennant took her under her wing and showed her love.You would never guess the history it went through.During the construction even large bones wrapped around a young boys shirt were found burried under the house. They were put back and left in its location by the owner.(SMART)

 I have noticed in the past that some objects seem to develop a sence of life. Example; a car guru will talk nice to its car thinking in its mind it likes it or someone loves their object(teddy bear, doll, toy, electronic gadget, clothing, cars, homes,) so much it seems to develop a form of personality . It might be mental or more physcological than anything else ,but, we have learned to understand our personal objects in this form. Ever catch yourself mad at your car when it breaks down? This is the reason I love old places and not track homes. When a nail was laid, it was usually by the owner . As he lay each nail his mind goes a mile a minute living his life with his family in his new home.

  It is this form which I have come to understand the personality of certain homes. By the history of this place it seemed that no matter what happened it was always bad. No love was brought here! The place seemed to suffer in each new tennant.

Now here comes the new tennants. Ripping out the old the pain it had, the destruction it went through and the neglect it felt. Givving her a whole new outlook on life. Filling her up with love and affection. When you compare the pictures of then and now it is like night and day.  I have noticed in past investigations that it seems to stir somthing up when ever you change or do something to the home. Does it confuse it or cause it to dislike the new appreance. Who knows this is one of those questions I would ask if the opprtunity came up.

 The tennant  let us know of apparitions to the sence of poltergesit activity. We exchange emails for the first part till she send me her pictures. There seemed to be alot of orb activity and something on one of the pictures caught my eye it seemed to be a form forming on one of her pics .  We took the case .

 I called a new guy from my list of applicants and emailed the next one . But he was a no show for the post meeting.One chance only .  We set up diferent equipment through out the house covering all the rooms and main places of paranormal activity. The client left into town so no disturbance was present during the investigation. We were able to find some logical explenations . It seems to start of the house is built on a heavy quarts/limestone mountain and their is power lines running over their house also the presence of 2 moving bodies of water were noted. Could this cause some form of presence? During our interview I found out a ritual to remove spirits had been conducted on the property also. I always advice my clients not to do this due to these have been proven to be unefectfull in getting rid of spirits. It seems too only calm them down for awhile and then they lash back with a stronger force. But this is my personal opinion.

          We analized all of the recordings and hundreds of photos we took. We even had a chance to try out our new toy I have dubbed the EYE. It worked and recorded exelently. We did not captured anything and the pictures showed us nothing but a beautiful house. Was it hiding from us? Till the present time the client feels the presence of paranormal activity. I have advised my client that the whole property needs a good blessing from a minister or priest. I just have a feeling it can do it some calm. Curently we are still trying to find a minister or priest to bless this property.

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