Antelope Valley Haunts Rural Paranormal Research

Exploring The Unknown in the High Desert Of California

Being our second Investigation in one night we pressed on. We found ourselves in a custom home left half built. The view and the location was amazing. We wondered why someone would abandoned such a prestige piece of land! Upon carefull information . I uncovered that a friend of mine had owned a piece of land in the neighborhood. After going back into town I ran into him and asked him. what was behind all the abandoned properties. According to him , many people were victims of a land scam . Many people, put money on properties to find out that the broker had pocket the money at the end. We happen to capture a couple of EVP's but that is about it. After doing many paranormal places we have come to a point of not feeling anything anymore.I always count on reviewing hours of tapes and video.Just to pull, as my son said 'that minute of video or audio. Temperture was at a steady 38 degrees and No wind activity. 



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