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I had found in the past a old building in the desert about a quarter of a mile up the road from Cheeseboro Rd next to the aqueduct. According to readers it happen to start out as an insane asylum and eventually it ended up being a boys home. I happen to call the Littlerock Chamber of Commerce and a few other places . But as with all leads on abandoned places . It was a dead end. With the minimum time I have. I happened to arrange to go to this place. My memory of this place, which I came across about  14 years ago, while checking out the herps in the valley floor. Was in alot of better condition than it is in now. Between the graffiti and the teenagers the place is falling apart. The bars have been removed and the place has been stripped down to bare concrete walls. What a shame in as little as 14 years this place has come down half buried in the desert floor . We arrived at the place at the usual time. Which is around 9 pm. We happen to bring in a new applicant that had filled out a application. He seemed like he would be useful.  It would be his last time with us sad to say. I am very strict on certain rules, not wandering off was one of them. Their are bobcats, coyotes, and the worse one is wild dogs. The team must stay nearby just in case we have to make a dash( has happened before) ! I do not want to be the one in the newspaper with a tittle " Ghost Hunter chewed by wild animal"

      We set up our equipment in different locations. Trying to cover most of the place, but, due to it being composed of several structures. We concentrated on the main ones. We took alot of pictures and nothing was captured . The equipment started to malfunction as soon as our arrival to the location.  One after the next our batteries started to die first we were left in the dark all of our lights died on us all of our back up batteries lasted about 5 to 10 minutes. Next our digital recorders then our cameras and finally our recorders. No emf readings were present and the temperature kept a steady 74 to 76 degrees  Hmmmm, besides that, some of the rooms gave us that strange feeling . But, not enough to scare us . We put these feelings always aside, noting that it is a dark run down place. We staid our usual time even when we were left with out no equipment. The digital recorders seemed to malfunction . One of the ones that happened to record . Got a strange interference through out the whole tape. Did it not want us to film or tape it ? Even though we did not happened to catch anything and the only thing we experience was malfunctioning equipment we left disappointed once again. We had no personal experiences from this location and we left wondering what killed all of our batteries at the same time. Maybe we will come back and give this place another try. For know we move on to the next place and you can say NO ghost in this part of the Antelope Valley.











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