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Lake Dolores

"The Mystery Water Park"

For those that have driven to Vegas or back from there . You may recall a closed down water park between Nevada and Calico Ghost Town on the West side of the Freeway. I happen to stop at this place by accident,while searching for a restroom for my daughter. Being an Urban Explorer also, got me exited. I pulled up and the gates were open. Not a soul in sight. My 2 younger twins ( 10 years old) begged me to explore the place. With the excitement building inside of me How could I say No!( let me say first of all I am a 3rd generation urban hunter. My 22 year old son, my 21 year old daughter, My 27 year old son-in-law married to my other daughter are urban hunters and paranormal researchers. My whole family is trained on the herps of the desert. They can distinguish DANGER ZONES also. I do not recommend what we do to anyone else)Lets continue.......

I parked at the front gate and proceeded to enter the open park. With a camera in one hand and my  young hunters in the other we explored the complex. Weeds were overgrown and the desert was not sparing this place either. It was cruel and was swallowing up the whole park. What Vandals and the movers did not destroy and strip down. Time was taking it away. I took many pictures and my daughter and son found some amazing evidence. They found an old flyer, a old toddler life jacket, and other pieces of paper. All scattered up to the street. One in particular made me sad. It was labeled with a happy face. " Our first order!" I took what little I had and the pictures I took and headed home. Not realising with the excitement that I forgot to pull out the Dv recorder. I have been kicking my self even as I write this article!

 When I got home my 2 kids and myself proceeded to search the Internet about this place. That was named Rock-A-Hoola Water Park. We learned some interesting facts....

The park like many things that started in the Mid 1900's was all Family oriented. Also it was Family owned and operated. Before it was a park it used to be a ranch. The original owner of the property built the lake himself. With the help of his partner he dug out the well that fed the lake. This is were it seem  to start. he built a long slide down to the lake on top of the hill. He used sheet metal with a mirror finish and with the pressure of the water it took you down for a ride. Seeing that Kids wanted to use it, he started charging. After that he just started to add more things. Slides , picnic spots and so forth. His idea at this time was to make a camping ground and fun place for families. It was a success for many years. Before technology took over what meant spending time with the family.   

Anyone who has been their can testify to this! The park had developed into a dream! Parents memories of this place are not even in doubt. Through out the years more slides were added and the park grew. A mans dream was coming true. And to honor him was his wife by his side. Dolores. In which the park was named after . His love, his wife. For complicated reasons the park was closed and was sold and also was renamed. The new name it flew was Rock-A-Hoola Water Park. Also for some new complicating reasons and a lawsuit, also not helping out, it closed once more. But was purchased by another company. They named it Discovery Water Park.  This did not last. The park has remained closed for a few years now. The slides have been stripped and it seems to have been shipped to Canada. To a new park. The land is currently under stages of redevelopment. What will become of this place? Who knows? But, the memories this place leaves behind are priceless. Even though I never had the pleasure to be  there. I feel as I did . It seems that the last children that would be running down the walk was that of my own children. The park has No paranormal activity. But, It is a legend to some and even though it has taken many names it will be known as Lake Dolores. As a man who spends his time with his family. Going to places in the outdoors. I understand his dreams to bring families closer together.

To them I dedicate this page


John Byers


Dolores Byers

Your memories live in many of us

Below are a few pictures I have located of its place on hay day. also an album of the pictures taken this 2009. Plus below are Links to this place to learn in more detail...

Trapeze by Andyroo117

Trapeze by Andyroo117


Stand up slide by Andyroo117


Stand up and sit down slides by Andyroo117

Stand up and sit down slides by Andyroo117

One of the lakes by Andyroo117


One of the lakes by Andyroo117

High Dive by Andyroo117

These are The only pictures I have ever seen of this place. I do not own these pictures I found them on the net. But I wanted everyone to see the only ones that exist currently. A before and after.













These are taken on March 30, 2009 It is sad

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