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The Case

We arrived at Linda Vista Hospital around 6:30 PM from the Antelope Valley. That evening was amazing. There was an event held at Boyle Heights. People had come from all over, for a showing of a movie  at one of California’s most haunted locations " Linda Vista Hospital. There was a film crew, food,drinks and a movie to watch! The event was sold out. Although we honored to be invited as V.I.P. The movie ironically that was  playing that night was “A Haunting” and I am not talking about the new one Hollywood made recently and messed up by adding all those special effects that left your mind with little to no imagination at all. But the classic movie which was directed by Robert Wise in 1963. It was an amazing event that was held in the old 20's era structure.

           I never knew my research in the paranormal was well known in the big city also. To my surprise that evening, I met many people that were happy to meet and greet me! Some one in the large crowed of 300 guests came up to me and told me that they had been following my adventures for 7 years. Someone else told me 5 years and some at 3 years. These strangers seem to know more about me than my own self! They left me at an AWW.  I have always written about our adventures in a first word basis.Writting only whats on my mind. Some had quoted me things that I forgot I had  written about. But it was all a good experience!

                  After the event was over we had to wait for the crowed to leave the area.I believe the last car left around 11:30 pm. It takes us over an hour to set up the equipment.  We set up an array of toys and gadgets. We used lots of new unavailable specially built equipment at Linda Vista Hospital! Some of the new equipment we carry was a new DVR system. Which has a high record frame rate. In other words it can record you really good with out the skipping effect that most systems are known to have. Plus our system runs on its own hard drive so we can navigate on the pc with out the worry of the system crashing on us. We also brought a new item that has been design for the paranormal field only. That is a full spectrum DVR camera.  This camera’s performance was unbelievable.  Not only did it record with accuracy but also the quality is amazing. We pulled out a list of other new items. That were built specifically to be tested at Linda Vista. One in particular was our Highly Sensitive Microphone also know as The Red Devil. It was the piece that reigned that night. Not only were we able to debunk a lot of noises, but also we were also able to debunk the false K2 hits of the night. It seems someone in the group had a cell phone on. The funny part was the other person from the other group reacted on this being paranormal. Not once but twice! The microphone picked up the disturbance when other mechanisms had failed.  Plus as an added bonus it has a 125 feet radious span. It can record through corners and other rooms. Wow! The last new piece we brought out that night was a highly needed portable IR light. The only ones available were to dull and did not give me that night light we thrive for. Plus the batteries seems to only last about 1 hour and a half. Our new portable versions are awesome and only available through us! We also used K2 meters and other forms of emf meters. We did not get no unusual hits that we could not explain. But we did get the privilege to explore the amazing location. The long hallways and the stone work alone were a reason to head out here . Even the floor was a work of art. I tried to find some form of paranormal activity but left disappointed. We got an amazing adventure though but that is all we ended up with. We ended our investigation at 3 am packing everything by 4 am . Some of the experieces heard that night though came from Annie who she heard the sound of a baby crying. But was this one of the ferral cats that rome the hallways?  Would this be the explanation to Ghost Adventures crying lady also. Who knows? But Annie caught a set of prints that resembled a possum or racoon. Which to me would explain a lot of the claims that exist in this place. The Mic picked up a lot of the exterior noise . From Dogs Barking to people talking. Jon's new designs, which were built specifically with the paranormal researcher in mind, Performed with out any glitches The empty hallways and the hospital paperwork scattered everywhere gave it a wary feeling. In a lot of locations we found old memories of this old building . One room in particular had allot of art and graffiti. But not your average graffiti it was covered with eyes and crosses. To many they resemble upside down crosses. I was hopping to get the reaction or answers that everyone shows on all their videos. But at the end We felt the presence of an old building. I waited for that old janitor or nurse to turn the corner. 

        The old building is a must on all people who research the paranormal.. Just the look of the place is an adventure. We could of stayed for along time. The time we were granted to collect our data had to be enough.

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