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Llano Del Rio : OCTOBER 2008

    On May 1, 1914, the Llano del Rio Colony, a socialist utopian community, was established north of Los Angeles in the southeast Antelope Valley. Among its founders was Indiana native Job Harriman, an idealistic and charismatic young lawyer who had unsuccessfully run on the first-ever Socialist Party platforms for Vice President in 1900 and mayor of Los Angeles in 1911

   Llano del Rio was promoted nationally by the socialist magazine The Western Comrade, and the cooperative thrived for several years-its population exceeding 1,000 people in 1916-until its long-term water supply was diverted by an earthquake fault.

Though financial woes and infighting forced the colony into bankruptcy in 1939, Llano del Rio is today considered Western American history's most important non-religious utopian community.

  Believe it or not . This is what Llano looked back in its hay day..

Llano Del Rio Commune, Antelope Valley, California

Remember this place . When you drive down the 138

This is it with all the boards in place ..

IMG_3347_edited.jpg picture by gargoyle661

Same place at night..


        Located in South East Antelope Valley:

          We arrived at the location at night . As you all know, we love to photograph old places and hopefully capture ghosts on film, particularly at night. It was a time to train 2 new members / assistants that I had just recruited. I would be pleased with their performance and courage. They would prove to be a great asset to me.

When we arrived at the location , after having to abandon one of our cars do to rough road and climb in back of a truck plus, we still had to trek a while in the desert on foot. Just, to get to our first location. We arrived at the place at round 8 PM. The night was upon us and the weather was at a steady 65 to 69 degrees We did not feel anything ,But did capture some amazing EVP's. The place had a old world charm to it. It made me wonder at how fast this place was decaying and how much longer we would be able to enjoy it. The pictures did turn out some strange energy orbs.

After spending some time at the first location we decided to explore the next one . Which is located next to the 138.. We happen to come across many foundations and got a chance to see the canal and the well that were used. WARNING WATCH YOUR STEP WHEN EXPLORING THIS PLACE. MANY WELLS AND YOU CAN HURT YOURSELF..

The first place consisted of a silo, some walls, a broken down adobe and some scattered foundations. the construction of this was in old mortar and rock gathered around from the area. the shape of the place gives it a castle effect.It is a great place to visit and to admire.

The second place consists of fireplace and foundations scattered in a large section in the area.. their are also wells and what appears to be a channel for irrigation probably. old pipes seem to come out of the ground in a few spots. Old cans seem to litter the area.also.

When it came to the evidence and the photography below is what we happen to capture.

 This one you hear a voice saying ill be back

 What's   'around 10:30?

this one sound's like "behind your soul

 A deep breath

Sounds like cant you hear it?

 This one sounds like come

A conversation beetwen two voices . one says Did you find him? the seconds responds with, what? after that i can understand the rest of the messege

This one has a dog barking , some singing and a conversation.( there were NO dogs present and the recorder was in a isolated silo.

This one sounds like "who are you

 Sounds like Im in love

 Simply says I gotta

This one says I love you

 2 different voices one says something , the second responds I am in montana

 What sounds to be someone singing.

 Its already gone

 Its ova

I want to keep him

This one we cant understand

 sound like Me lo pisa ( transleted to it is steppind on it)

 Some sort of music tone

Please dont go in there

through out the night we captured strange noises

 He's is not feeling great? who?

unknown sound

unknown sound

Who in the world is Officer Morgan?

unknown sound

This was a good evp , even though we cannot understand it

 Un poquito( transleted to a little bit )














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