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 Many of us have found ourselves under these circumstances one way or another. We either are hearing or seeing a number of things from bumps in the night, having animals react in strange ways, guests feeling that strange feeling of a unwanted presence, seeing shadows or strange lights, sometimes there are apparitions, you find objects moved to a different location, children complaining of strange noises or nightmares.  We think we are loosing our mind as we feel alone during this time. Who do you talk to about this? What do you do? Well there are a lot of theories on these strange occurrences.

 In my 22 year plus of searching for an understanding to this strange phenomena. I have been trying to understand the religious , scientific and the occult side. I have come to understand that there are a number of theories. I  will not bore you with a scientific equation where at the end you are more confused than when you started.      Either way there is something you can do if you are in need of assistance before you call a ghost hunter group or organization. There are a number of measures you can take to come to an answer yourself.



Where my research has showed me

 I will first be the one to admit . Yes there is paranormal activity out there, but it is extremely rare. There is something out there that has yet to be explained. I would  not spend all these years reading and exploring strange places if there was not. So first of all you are not loosing your mind and going crazy. If you have read this far . I'll start by saying you are not alone. In a Google search you will find thousands of organisations worldwide and that is not speaking of the popularity of shows on cable and satellite.

But what to do? In the assistance of many clients that I have been to in my many years of being a paranormal researcher. I have come to my own theory. First of all you must determine if your place has any paranormal activity. Validate the sources of your information.  If you happen to hear unexplainable noises try to determine the source. In many occasions we have found a pet to be the culprit. You can determine the areas that require your attention. Next you may want to search and gather all the experiences you and fellow members have felt. You can do this by gradually directing the conversation to this subject. Try to gather all the details about each instance. Place of occurrence should always be your main importance. Whether it was in a specific room or part of the property. Once you gather all the information you should be left with a list of some of the main places of paranormal activity. Do not discuss this with anyone at this stage. Let yourself  come to a conclusion. Next is the main thing . It is the hardest, but one that you have to do. This is, too try to find a logical explanation to each occurrence. Be you own Sherlock Holmes. In other words be your own skeptic. One thing that I have found out is older houses have none insulated or low electrical cable installed through out the house. In one occasion the leak of electricity was so immense that the whole family was being subject to  symtoms. After a while the insulation gets so old that electricity leaks through the wall as the wire gets hotter with constant usage. or live by a power plant. This can be called EMF exposure. According to the World Health Organisation they give this explanation of what happens;

           Low-frequency magnetic fields induce circulating currents within the human body. The strength of these currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field. If sufficiently large, these currents could cause stimulation of nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes. Reacting to changes in the environment is a normal part of life. However, the body might not possess adequate compensation mechanisms to mitigate all environmental changes or stresses. Prolonged environmental exposure, even if minor, may constitute a health hazard if it results in stress. In humans, an adverse health effect results from a biological effect that causes detectable impairment in the health or well being of exposed individuals. Complying with exposure limits recommended in national and international guidelines helps to control risks from exposures to EMFs that may be harmful to human health.

If you would like to know more on EMF's you can read more here;



There have been alot of cases involved to emf exposure. But what if your case is not emf exposure. Your house is a new construction, or you are aware that the areas have no electricity or conductivity present. Well we can move to the next stage. Consider the elements around you.. Is there anything else  which may cause the disturbance. Sometimes your ghosts can be summarized to teen ,kid, pet behavior. In one of our recent cases where a family thought they were  being terrorised. We found out it was teens sneaking around and believe it or not we found the ghost . It was the cat! The cat would cause faint disturbances in the area by moving and squirming around the fixtures causing sounds like footsteps(the dragging of a statue across a glass) tapping( wind hitting objects causing them to hit the house or an object dangling). You will want to look at extension cords also many times they are dangling in back of systems and with the right  angle they can vibrate causing tapping noises to be heard.. You get the idea.. Look for an answer to every noise you have logged. So far you have found out if you have electrical leakage or what the noise must be.






Shadows, Apparitions and Ghost

But, what do you do when some of the claims are visual? Then you can approach these a different matter. You can start by doing the same thing gather all the events and do the same thing find out where these are taking place and date and time. I have found out that most events can be explained.

     The mind is very complex. We dream and our mind is constantly working. You can look at the clouds and start seeing images in them. Some of you remember the pictures called a Minds Eye. Where you stare at an image of dots and it took on a 3d effect portrait.

        In the dark and through the corner of our eye we start feeling as something is there. You see shadows or happen to get a glimpse of a ghost in the corner of your eye. Well dont freak out! Your eyes as well as your mind has a tendency to compute an image and fill in the blanks, that is the beauty of our mind . It imagines.. A perfect example is when you were a child and you thought you saw people in your room or in a closet. Just to find out the next morning, that it was the way your clothing were placed. Shadows many times can be explained to cars pssing by , garden lights or other natural causes. When you are trying to find answers these are things you would be looking for. You want to approach these with a debunking mind. Many other investigators would argue with this. My theory you want to approach this phenomenon with a total negative mind. Dont act on your feelings also . When we do a Ghost Hunt In the Antelope Valley or Vacinity. I train my assistants not to act or go on feelings.If their is a ghost in the present I want it to come out  or act as it normaly would to someone else. If you start to absorve the feelings or the place . Your mind and body will start assuming that everything is paranormal. This takes me to the next subject feeling things


Feelings, Touching and Scrathes

 When you go and start looking around. I have noticed many investigators act on the " did you feel that?" Well for me this is the biggest NO, NO, there is. Your body constantly goes through changes and our body is covered in microscopic hair and it also has many nerves through out it. Minor changes in the atmosphere, humidity and simple things such as EMF's, electrons, air quality, or altitude can play a part in what the body feels.

   You want to feel cold spots through out the house sometimes they feel colder in some than in other locations. You want to look at rooms and their contruction. In one occasion we went to a house that had one room colder than any other. They claimed this is where the spirit resided. After carefull examination I noticed the room was colder because it ws constructed of brick the wall that it was attached to was drywall . but , with out no insulation. It also explained the constant breeze you  felt  when we looked at the windows Their was a tiny opening that let some of the cold air in. Another thing we noticed was the location of the Room . Most houses facing the North East are more vulnarable to strong winds. As was this case also. Always try to find a logical answer to cold spots. Air can come in from many ways . Examples are  windows, doors, mail slots, non insulated walls, non carpeted floors, vents, or sometimes your body just gets the chills. on its own.

 When it comes to touching and feeling . My theory is the same. Our body once more! Our blood is constantly moving and you muscles are constanly twitching. Sometimes we feel as we are held down in bed and cant move. Doctors call this a sleeping disorder. Others say it is a point of when you are in the middle of total a total sleep state and are awake a perfect example is when your arm goes to sleep. or goes numb in the morning. Your body is in a state of sleeping and being relaxed . When the first thing that you open is your eyes. Sometimes . Your dreams as I put it for that breaf second becomes one with reality.  Other times you are fully awake and you feel the pressure on your chest. Your mind totaly takes into consideration something paranormal is happening. When most of the time it is not.

 During the gathering of evidence many have claimed to the feeling of being touched in some way or another. Once again see first if something physical was the cause of this. Giving you  an example of my own experience. During an investagation I happen to feel someone or something caress my arm . Did I freak out. No! Carefull inspection I found the menace to this event. A single strand of long hair! Try to never come to a paranormal conclusion. I can never hesitate this enough. This is the only way to come up with answers.

Pets, Dogs Cats and Other Animals

When it comes to animals. It seems that they are more in tune with what ever lurks in the dark. I have learned that animals see through a different specturum than we do. This can play a big part as to why they can sense a presence before we do. As a animal owner . I have noticed this on my own dogs. Do I use this for my advantage? NO . I find this very cruel. In a situation where we were living in a haunting dwelling. I noticed my dog would react wild when hauntings would take place. I calmly would let my dogs know and confort them that it was ok. I hate seeing my dogs freak out. After a couple of weeks they started to ignore them. it became a part of living there. Some investigators use animals to find paranormal activity. I shy away from this and advise you to do so also. If your animal feels something diferent in the air . Find out what it is? This is not normal. An animal becomes a child in your home. It needs you to be comfortable and happy. Would you send your young child to a dangerous situation? NO. Then why put an animal through this, right?

      If your animal started barking to the air or your cat, bird , or any other pet acts in a strange way. Find out what is causing him to do this. Look for insects , snakes , or any other logical explanation. If none is found. Comfort Him/Her. Let it know that you are there and take him to another part of the house. I found out that sitting with or next to your pet will work. In the animal kingdom we are the leaders of the pack. They look at us as the Rule Maker, the one who runs the pack he/she is in. At the same time they look for comfort, security and understanding of what is ok and what is not.   

If you found yourself on this page .We understand .we are not here to judge but to help.Many of us have found ourselves under some kind of paranormal trouble .If this is you please do not hesitate to drop us a email . We will review your letter and try to answer back as soon as posible . Please do to the amount of spam let us know you are responding from this site. We are professionals we take what we do very seriously. We will help you through your paranormal problems . If at any case you are not in our vacinity we can help you find the help you need......


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