Antelope Valley Haunts Rural Paranormal Research

Exploring The Unknown in the High Desert Of California

Our Videos

These are videos we have composed of past Research Projects. We are still recording many historical locations on our list...

The first video we made. A look into places we visit....

Llano Del Rio an abandoned Socialist Colony that took place in the beginning of the 19th Century.

Antelope Valley Haunts Guadalupe Church Ghost Hunt
An abandoned catholic church we find in the Northern part of Antelope Valley Religion has always played an important part of this Valley

These are EVP's collected at the old church

During the same night we also caught these on top of a house on a hill

Old Barns littered once the Valley's Floor Here we catch an apparition on one of our camcorders. 

Antelope Valley Haunts Abandonded Farm Ghost Hunt

The Apparition Video...

To the north lies a Lake called Lake Isabella . Were a Ghost town is opened into a museum . We get invited to try to find an explanation to the strange occurrences that have been happening there. At the end we have questions that are left unanswered also

Antelope Valley Haunts Investigation with a Techno beat to it

We have comb the desert and beneath the desert. Meanwhile collecting an ample amount of artifacts. 

Antelope Valley Haunts Desert Adventures

Grange Hall is an amazing place. Before no one knew of the paranormal activity that was located in this place check out our video as we investigate with the AV Press

During the process of exploring an abandoned Mine we came across these EVP's. We also had an hair raising experience.


Av Haunts guest Appearance with Ghost Adventures

Yes we were honored when we were asked to help out the well known team Ghost Adventures from the travel channel

Antelope Valley Haunts on The NEWS!!

Yes we had an appearance on the news . We get intervieed and we bring to them one of AV's most haunted locations

Linda Vista Hospital

We get invited to Linda Vista Hospital to conduct a research investigation.

Part 1

Part 2

part 3

The Ruth Mine

We venture into the Mojave Desert to a local area known as Death Valley. we explore an abandoned mine sitting on top of a ghost town.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Feature Investigations


Linda Vista Hospital

Silver City Ghost Town




Llano Del Rio




Eastside Farm




Featured Locations

Silver Mine Road


House on top of hill


Church of Guadalupe

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