Antelope Valley Haunts Rural Paranormal Research

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1st location

We arrived at the first location around 8 pm. We got our equipment ready and  we began investigating. We had a large area to cover . From a large garage, mine shafts, offices, utility rooms, an abandoned house, a stripped caboose, and a few scattered animal pens. Getting to cover all these location was a challenge in itself. They were all nestled in between the hills. Some being hidden from each other. Getting around these locations, we found out it gave you a fun house effect. We also had to watch our step. Because we did not want to fall down a shaft. I had heard of this place numerous times from different people, as having paranormal activity. We faced the challenge to see if we could capture some on evidence.  The place had trashed  items all around the property. Some with the feeling of heavy mining activity having occurred here.  You could also tell that someone at one time called this place home. A caretaker? Who knows, eventually one of our readers will fill in the blanks. We covered the place and constantly kept our eyes open. We also investigated a separate work shop like structure set of down the hill. At this location one of my temp assistants saw something that startled him. We did not captured any evidence of this event. But we did get some strange Evp's.

2ND location 


This mine seemed to be more if a modern type of structure Datting it around the 1940's to the 1960's . This of course is a estimated guess. We explored all levels of the mine The place had equipment in decent looking condition. from the tank to the crusher still standing. You can still see the platforms and step into time. I had visit these sites in the day time, to survey the area for mines and danger areas we had to avoid.

           That evening I returned and found some strange type of decorating in the main house . We also had one of the strangest experience we had ever encountered. We proceeded to enter the main house  and was surprised from the strange branches that were brought inside the house. We came across a word "DEATH" written on one of the walls with a knife going through it. The floors were trashed, as most abandoned places in the desert are. We continued to head to the fallen  smaller home. Passing over a foundation. Which was where a probable 3rd home once stood. We went to the mining area and headed towards one of the benches on the mountain. There we found were the rock got separated before it headed down to the processing center below. On the 3rd bench there stood a tank probably for water. It was a large one! It seemed to be regular semi truck style . But the wheels removed and homemade piping retrofitted to work it as a water tanker . A common item needed for the washers while mining Gold and Silver. 

 At the 4Th bench there was a couple of shafts and a small. shed like structure about a 4x4 foot built into the mountain. We had to return and video tape the whole place again due to camera difficulties. Not paranormal, just carelessness  . As we took our steps back we came back to the main house. To our surprise there sitting in the middle of the floor was a gas mask. Stamped with a February 1940 date. We all were astounded . Nobody could have snuck in there with out us noticing them! Were did this strange artifact come from? Who left it there? Upon careful observation we noticed the mask was not there. Now, we all stared at each other wondering and trying to figure out an answer. Our conclusion? The mask was not there when we started our investigation . When we return to head back to our car and repeated our steps . It is when we found it . We were at a position were we are always aware of our surroundings . Nobody could come up near us, with out us noticing some type activity of movement.We also captured some Evp's here also.


A little history of this particular area. Gold and silver is what put Rosamond on the map. More than 300,00 ounces of gold and silver have been mined from the area. Not to mention some of the precious stones that are scattered around the hills. from jade, gems , petrified wood, and many other minerals. These hills are dangerous also . Some having toxic chemicals on them. Dangerous and deadly to humans.  From the early 1800 to the present gold has been a natural resource of the area. Also you had many well known people come to the area. From Tiburcio Vasquez (Our version of Jesse James) to famous actors staying at nearby Willow Springs.  





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