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Grande Hall 664   08-29-2007



The old building was finally investigated. We arrived at the location at 9:30 pm . All equipment was tested and was working great. The old building is located on 90th street east and Ave E it reminds me of and old catholic church. the walls were high and seemed to touch the full moon out that night . As soon as we entered the building i got a chill which would accompany me through out our stay .The emf detector and thermometer started to hit the ceiling . (not an evp) as you can hear the temperature would hit 29 degrees and spike up to the hundreds. this from a base temperature of 89 to 92 degrees. At times it would seem to try to flee us and  would have us chaise it around a wall and some steps. My son who happen to go with us to help with the investigation wandered off and claimed his hand was pulled and his nose started to bleed .It is sad though but do too no  witnesses to this event i have to dismiss it. Do i think the place is haunted? I would have to say their is something their some kind of free floating energy which has the capability to control the atmosphere and the electricity in the air . But i did not get that feeling i am looking for or that piece of evidence. I did happen to collect some evp's . not many though. We investigated all the grounds of the property and it seems to my conclusion about the place, that the ,what ever it was , was confined to an area that would of have been the second floor . All that is left is the arches and door opening. At times the building did not show its scars of age and gave u that feeling of being in a castle of some sort. The walls were large and made out of brick. the hall extended from one end to the other . I will say i will go back and see if i can locate the source to this and try to answer why my thermometer and emf detector detected something and follow it around the place.

Mystery of the place finally solved . Thanks to Heather we can now know what this place really was . According to her, she has studied this place and has found out that even though the building has the appearance of a large beautiful church, actually it was not .It has never been one. Source says that this was actually a Farmers Union Hall .For those of us that have never been to our lovely valley . Farming and agriculture played a big part of this valley's growth . One thing that surprises me always is the difference this valley was before the aqueduct was ever built. Our history is fading away and new construction covers what made this place mysterious. Some of us, find these places beautiful and admire there workmanship. Some places look as if they have suffered from the beaten of what the desert had to offer.

  Also, this particular building, according to source. Caught on fire after a banquet ball in the kitchen. Nobody was hurt. But my question is, why the attachment to the place? Could it of have been that due to the way of life that is why it was built so beautiful for their gatherings and discussions ? Or was it, that the children remember playing in its ample yard? I mean, I remember talking to my father and him telling me. That in 1918 if you did not farm you starved. It was a way of life that you had to learn to survive. I am glad to share my finds and  the readers information made available to me. I will never know what activity was experienced that night .But we had a great time exploring a piece of time that has been forgotten. Until we find the next Antelope Valley Haunt.

Enclosed are the evp's collected and bellow the pictures of our investigation...


 As always we started to ask it to show us their presence and strangly enough i got an answer

here is the answer edited.

 This one sounds like a spanish word that means it is fallin( esta cayendose.

This one sounds like go get wanda .Who is that?/

As soon as we got there we got this growl in the forst 10 seconds of recording EVP's

this sounds like it says Jimmo said

what the hell is project korea !

we also got this unknown sound but what it was was unknown.
















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