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Not all of our quest are about paranormal but about the strangeness and treasures that makes Mojave what it is. A desolated, no mercy, spared, place. During my travels in the desert you come across some strange places that are out of place . Like rock homes in the desert called adobes. Every time I come across one of these it makes me wonder, why? Why the move to nowhere? How did they convince their spouse to move out to the desert. Some of the places we discover, are either turn of the century or early 1900's. A few years ago, while exploring, I came across a place that amazed me. The walls in itself was a treasure trove of forgotten newspapers. The walls had been wallpapered with old newspapers, these were from the 30's and 40's. The place was in beautiful aged condition. I remember staying for hours reading the newspaper staring at the wall. some areas were exposed to the elements . But, it was not hard to find a board with these old newspaper on them. We have always respected the place and any other place that we discover. Many times keeping the location or story off of the web. Our adventures also makes me ask around about the history of the places we find. My way with people and persistence has always been an asset. I found out that this was the house of Pancho Barnes boyfriend, for those of you who do not know who she is. To read a  history of her click here. At this time I cannot remember his name . But according to a native of Mojave. He would remember him stopping at the store his family owned . He was one of the last miners  this valley would know. I was told he had a strange habit of catching rides back to his cabin. He would jump in the middle of the street and wail down a truck to stop and hitch a ride to his home in the desert. They say he smelled awful badly. He also had a long scrubby beard. I was also told that if i hike about a mile back I would come to his mine. I wonder if he had any valuable stash the he left behind? 

On our way back from a investigation. I remember this place was on our way home. I wanted to visit the home again. Boy was I sad. The house had been destroyed. The memories were ripped from the wall and vandalised. There was no trace of the memories of this miner. Another place that was being consumed by time and vandals. Walls kicked in the only thing that remained was the archway in the living room. The other house was gone. It had collapsed. In the back you can still see the large 2 large ore chutes made of the thick timber, you would usually find in the sides of mountains out here.  We happened to find old pieces of newspaper shredded all over the crevices . We moved a few bottles and old junk that had covered the floor and to my amazement there was a board with pieces of the newspaper on it. There were also old bottle caps from the 40's I happened to collect about 10 of them . They all had holes in them , But, I was satisfied about our find. I also found a old cemetery iron stake laying in the field out by a old shot up piece of a classic car also.








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