Antelope Valley Haunts Rural Paranormal Research

Exploring The Unknown in the High Desert Of California

Investigation completed 03/30/08


 The address to this location will remain a secret due to the unusual experience we had. We will be planing to visit this location again and further study this strange place to find a explanation.

  We arrived at this location a little latter than usual. Putting us in the location at about 11 pm. I had located the spot on Easter Sunday. Wife's Idea of a great Sunday was to go out and explore a new location we had not been too( gotta love a wife that helps you in your quests).After we located it . It was the usual work, study the place, Analise our point of entry, and placement of equipment. Why come back ? Well my wife has been to many places with me during the day. One thing she has never said is " something touched my back". As you see my young 9 year old twins run from the place ( by the way, my kids all 5 of them have been raised around reptiles from large ones to poisonous ones ).This  pushed me to get ready to photograph it at night time.

 Upon our arrival we ran our usual temperature test and base emf reading . This is to give us an idea of what temps we were dealing with. The place was an amazing spot having over 13 bungalows consisting of houses, barns, sheds, garages, and so forth. We explored the location and all structures that was there. We never get scared or trust the "did you feel something stage. I train all my investigators not to react to this. A person in the right field can say it is your muscles twitching, small muscle spasms, the fast change in temperature or a fluctuation in the emf field. So after years of ignoring these personal feelings we never bring these experiences up. Unless it is a significant one and only basing our research on facts and evidence that has been gathered by equipment that has been proven useful by other researchers.

 As we investigated the location we did happen to seem to be chasing something around the place again. I cant tell you if it is the same thing or different ones . Further research may answer this question. One of the experiences happened in the main house. As we were taking pictures and checking out every crevice in the main house we heard what appeared to be a loud noise it even made the house shake. The only thing that came come to mind was a old machine starting. But in the house? We immediately took of after it . We all went from different locations to catch ,what ever was making that noise. But too no success. The strange roar came from one of the bedrooms , but we were unable to explain what had just happen.

 At another moment we were in the area were you would keep the farm animals. When once again we heard another noise , not the same one, but a different one . When we got there we found nothing again. The place remind me of what the valley was like at a rural stage. By carefully analyzing the debris in certain spots and the type of material used , we came to the conclusion that the house had been occupied into the probable mid 80's.

 We happen to stay at the place for a few hours . We took over 200 pictures had quite a bit of  digital recordings from various recorders. But, when it came time for the video part of it. It seemed seemed strangely enough that the batteries died .We always have back up batteries no matter what piece we use. But it seemed that we were not going to be filming that night. When we analized the pictures and recordings I was surprise to see what I caught. Had we lost all type of fear that we can not feel or have become immune to their touch? Either way we were happy with this location and even though we did not feel any strange feelings here .

 Well what can I say the pictures and evp's are there. 




We seemed to come across pieces of drywall with the measurements . Is this what he means by 151?

 This one sounds like "copita cora cora"? what does that mean copita in spanish means small wineglass

 Find me? Who

 Sounds like "goto sleep

 I asked is anyone here a females voice answers i want

 this is the i want extracted

 does this means they have a belief in god. This one sounds like "thank you God

 this one sounds like it is not him. Who do they think it is?

 Sounds like We cant shock them. If they mean scare us , I dont think so. This evp was after the loud sound we heard.

 As always we get some that we cannot understand . Can you?

This is another evp i cannot figure out





PIctures and slide shows

When it came to the photography we seemed to capture something. Carefully analyzing the pictures with others we took of the same place, we found out that nothing should be there!



some of the pictures were just strange. At the bottom are slide shows that has some of the pictures that night . Other slides will be posted soon

In the near future I will add more slideshows









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