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Whiskey Flat Day -

Whiskey Flat Massacre


          Peaceful coexistence was generally maintained until the gold strike in Kernville, then called Whiskey Flat. A reprisal raid of cavalry soldiers under the command of Captain McLaughlin surprised the village site near Tilly Creek and massacred approximately 35 male Indians, and several women and children. This signaled the end of the aboriginal era.

          Accounts of this tragedy vary. According to Ardis Walker, McLauglin and his detachment of 24 men from the Second California Volunteers were looking to punish Indians for raids on ranchers in the Owens Valley. He started out from Visalia, and the village by the new mining camp of Whiskey Flat was his first encounter with the Indians. With the help of interpreter Jose Chico, a well-traveled Tubatulabal from the Tule River area, he commanded the Indians to lay down their arms.

Massacre Site/Wofford Heights, Ca


 Walker wrote, “…As soon as the villagers had laid down their arms 35 of the men were lined up by Captain McLaughlin and shot by his troopers who then passed among the wounded braves and sabered them for good measure. After the troops rode away, the women and children, helpless witnesses to the tragedy, took up the sorrowful task of burying their dead.”

      Walker was given this account by his friend Stephen Miranda, who was 13 years old at the time of the tragedy. The Indians had been warned by miners Judge Joseph Summer and Joseph Caldwell, but felt that since they weren’t involved with the raids in the Owens Valley they had nothing to fear. There were nine visiting Indians present who had participated in the raid, but they took cover above the camp and watched the massacre before slipping away.

The investigation

We were still investigating with our new friends Lake Isabella Paranormal Society. We were taken to an Indian burial ground. Another of Lake Isabella hidden secrets. The time must of been about 1 am when we arrived. The location is next to a lake where the original town of Whiskey Flatts lies underwater. We have been to lot of  places , but this was like being in heaven. We had a great experience and we were shown some old burial markers. You can view them on the slide show below. We were taken to the grinding stone. A large stone with holes in it. Some were up to 4 incehes deep and perfectly round.The area had a peaceful presence. We were told by one of the investigators of several  shadow presence. They had seen at the bottom of the hill. We went down the hill towards were the presence was seen and captured some strange evps. After staring at the stars and the dark lake, we were ready to go. The night was an adventorus one and we needed to get some rest. We thought we had a long drive home, till we found out the gas stations closed early in this town. After a cramped night in a small truck we were off to the next one The Miners Shack.

Enclosed are the evp's we captured

This one sounds like blind fold

This one was strange we were at the bottom of the hill when we captured what sounds like " you are bigboys"

This one was captured when we discovered the chain embeded in the rock. After messing with it. We captured this EVP. It says;'  leave me alone please! We did not captured many evp's or any paranormal pictures but we had an amazing night. Following are some of the pictures of our trip.



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