Shipping goods by ocean freight is an extremely common method of transporting goods from one location to the next. It is an economical way to ship goods to other parts of the globe. It takes longer to ship goods through oceans, but the cost effectiveness makes this method a great choice for both suppliers and exporters. International freight shipping near me is generally divided into two types: Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than a Container Load (LCL).

FCL sea freight shipping uses a standard container measuring 20 feet or 40ft to transport goods. However, sizes may vary from one country to the next. FCL means that a consignee rents an entire container to transport his or her goods. The cargo weight will determine the shipping cost. It is very difficult to load a container using sea fright shipping. This requires highly skilled machines. The goal is to prevent any damage to the cargo. FCL does not allow you to stuff your cargo however, as there are rules. Ocean freight requires a different type of packing.

LCL, or less than container load, is used when cargo isn’t sufficient to fill the standard-sized containers. This also means that the total amount or quantity of the shipment must be less than the maximum carload rate. Cargo carriers are generally used for ocean freight shipping. They are classified according to the purpose of each carrier. There are, for example, separate shipping tanks that can transport liquid cargo. The containers can be considered floating vessels in ocean freight shipping cargo carriers. Dry bulk ocean freight carriers can be used to transport grains, coal, and other commodities.