Catering equipment is designed to withstand daily heavy use. All commercial kitchen equipment should be serviced regularly to maintain its peak performance. You have invested time, money and effort to get the best equipment for your application. It is important that you maintain it with regular servicing.

While it’s certainly improved and better than it was many years ago, the current kitchen equipment maintenance rate is still high. Despite regular service visits by engineers, which fine-tune equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and a long life expectancy, it is still not common. Service contracts are often resisted by business owners because they don’t seem to be able to afford them and may not be able or willing to change their internal processes. But, the reality is that it’s unlikely that your business will need to maintain its service contracts on a regular basis. There are also certain items that require special technical knowledge.

Many people continue to operate on false economies. While the focus is on the hard costs upfront, many people overlook the hidden costs and soft costs. Parts will wear out and fail from daily use. A loose hinge, a broken door gasket or clogged burner can all lead to higher operating expenses, higher energy consumption, reduced orders, frustration on the floor and lower customer satisfaction. Unsatisfied customers who have to wait too long for their meals will complain to their friends and tell them about it.