Bumper stickers were first introduced to the public in 1990. Since then, people have used them to express everything: political beliefs, pride in their children’s achievement, their musical preferences, and even their sense of humor. They are still used to convey their message even today, after the presidential election boingboing.com.au/. Why are these square (or oval) labels so popular?

A bumper label’s versatility is one reason. There are many sizes and printing colours that you can use to convey information on a bumper sticker. The bumper stickers can be as large or small as you like, from the smaller rectangular ones (OBX), to the more detailed oval location stickers (OBX). The possibilities are endless when it comes to subject matter. Bumpers can be used by many organizations like political organizations, hotels, travel-related companies, schools, churches and realtors. You can even use them for bands and retail shops. They are also easy to order, so even if there is nothing you wish to share or a small business you want to promote you can get bumper stickers for free.

Bumper stickers are also very durable. Today’s bumper sticker materials are far more durable than the old vinyl material. The days of peeling and cracking labels that could ruin your message and look bad on your car are gone. No residue is left behind by today’s adhesives. They stay put until you decide to take them off. Your message will be clear and vivid. A good manufacturer will apply protective laminate to ensure your sticker lasts as long as possible. Today’s vinyl bumper stickers have the flexibility to fit your bumper no matter how it may look.