Salads are a simple way to create a healthy, balanced meal prep delivery that can be prepared from fresh and live ingredients. While salads are commonly thought to only contain vegetables, the truth is that they can be made with fruit and nuts as well as other nutritious ingredients.

How is this possible? What salad can provide you with enough protein and fatty acid? How can it deliver adequate carbohydrate or fats? You need all these nutrients throughout the day. So it may seem as if a “typical” salad could not deliver. This is not true for all the dishes that could be called “salad.”

A “quinoa salad” is a great example. You can make a lot of variations on this theme but the main thing is that quinoa is included. This ancient, delicious grain packs a lot in nutritional “punch”. It is rich in fiber and protein, has tons of nutrients and pairs well with fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of dressings. You can either cook it to tenderness or leave it with some bite (al dente), depending on how you prefer your salad. This will allow the grains to absorb any juices, enzymes or flavors that may be added to raw veggies, salads, or fruits.

It is just one grain that can make a wonderful salad. There are many other grains that can be used in combination with chopped greens and herbs. These ingredients, when combined with a well-made dressing, can provide plenty of nutrition. The picture is complete when nuts or nut oils are included.